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When cupping coffee, which means tasting and assessing the character of different coffees, there are different tools you need to make use of. And, of course, you’ll need to know a bit about tastes, smells and aromas to get the most out of the process. Here we come to sweetness, which is often an adjective that coffee gets attached to.

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Flavour wheel

What is sweetness?

Sweetness is one of the basic flavours. The sweetness of the taste can be associated with sugar, honey, syrup and jam. And it’s also a flavour you can use to describe coffee. Sweetness is a basic criterion for quality coffee. That’s what you taste for first when you cupper. This means that the coffee berry has ripened well.

Looking at the taste wheel, sweetness is one of the innermost adjectives in the wheel. So it’s a key flavour that you can build on into the wheel.

One of our favourite coffees, which has a sweet character, is this organic, lightly roasted coffee which we recommend you try. It has nuances of cane sugar, peach and rose. You can try cupping at home, and see if you can taste your way to that description too.

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