Organic coffee

As with organic farming in general, chemical sprays and pesticides are avoided when going for the island. It’s the same when it comes to organic coffee.

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What is organic coffee?

In the production of organic coffee, the use of chemical inputs such as pesticides and fertilisers is prohibited. Pesticides are all the various chemical substances that are sprayed on the coffee plantation to protect the coffee bushes from pests, weeds and fungal diseases.

Here in the EU, there are strict requirements for limit values, and the most dangerous pesticides are illegal to use in food production in EU countries. However, much coffee is grown in what is known as the “bean belt”, which is not in the EU. Therefore, they are also subject to different rules for the use of pesticides in conventional agriculture. For organic farming, EU rules apply worldwide if products are to be sold with the EU organic label.


Organic coffee from ØNSK

ØNSK now has a wide selection of organic coffee. The latest addition is Café de Alturas which means coffee from the heights. Organic coffee often gets called out for the not being the same quality as conventionally grown coffee. But Café de Alturas is proof of the opposite. They work continuously with development projects on the farms to lift the quality to new heights. The small cooperative also has a laboratory and coffee roastery, where the coffee is tested and quality assessed. You can get Café de Alturas as dark roasted and ground or
whole organic coffee beans.
You can also find whole
ØNSK’s range of organic coffee here.


Products from abroad can also bear the red Danish Ø mark if the goods are processed or packed in Denmark. This process is controlled by the Danish organic control, and as ØNSK’s organic coffee variants are roasted and packed in Copenhagen, the coffee bags carry the Danish Ø label.

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