Coffee beans are roasted to give them their characteristic taste, aroma and colour. The small beans are roasted at high temperatures, where various processes take place that affect the flavour of the beans. Quite simply, we can explain it like this: A less roasted coffee bean gives a light brown bean. A more roasted coffee bean gives a dark brown bean. And then there’s the one right in the middle. The one called medium roasted. This is the one we explain in more detail here.

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What is medium roast?

Medium roast coffee is characterized by being rich in caramelization and sweetness. Medium roast coffee is full-bodied, bold and sweet, but without being bitter, which happens if the coffee is darker.
Medium roast coffee is roasted until the temperature reaches around 210-220 degrees. Here the beans have a nice brown colour.

At ØNSK, we recommend you use a medium roast coffee if you prefer a classic filter coffee or stamp pot.

Medium roast coffee from Nicaragua’s northern rainforest

At ØNSK you will find quality coffee that tastes of the important difference in your coffee cup. In several ways. Our Corcasan medium roast coffee is a creamy and rich coffee with notes of dark chocolate and pecans. Corcasan is a coffee co-operative that not only produces great coffee, but also actively works to promote women in the coffee industry. Right now, Corcasan consists of 84 farmers of the strong sex, and at the same time half of the administration is led by women.

If you’re curious about even more of our coffees, which are all single origin coffees (beans that come from the same place and are not mixed together in so-called blends), we recommend you try our tasting pack, designed to equip you for the ultimate coffee experience.


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