Roasting coffee is a process that makes your coffee beans ready to brew you a good cup of coffee. It’s not an easy process, as there are many complexities and knowledge to keep track of – that’s why a coffee roaster can be quite an important tool for those who want to try their hand at home roasting(link to home roasting page).

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What is a coffee roaster?

A coffee roaster is, as the name suggests, a roaster that roasts the raw coffee beans at high heat. A coffee roaster ensures a smooth result, where you have control over both temperature and time during the process, which are two important factors when it comes to roasting. A coffee roaster looks something like a large tumble dryer.

Coffee roasting is fascinating and also quite a satisfying process, so we recommend you delve into the wondrous world of roast degrees, temperatures and time that results in fabulous coffee in your cup. In a homemade way!


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