Coffee roasting is one of the key processes that transforms the raw material into the brown coffee beans you know. In addition, coffee roasting also adds a lot to the flavour and aroma, which is what makes it an exciting and fun process to try at home.

What is home glazing?

Home roasting is when you roast raw coffee beans at home. Which is also in the name. You can roast the raw coffee beans in your oven to try out the fun and slightly nerdy process of getting the aroma and roast just right.

It can be difficult to control the process in your oven. Therefore, if you have big plans to roast often and correctly, it may be beneficial for you to acquire a small coffee roaster that is created exactly for the purpose. It makes it easier for you to manage the process.

… but an oven can also easily satisfy your desire to try home cooking just for a moment or two.

Degree of toasting

When you’re geeking out about roasting, it’s pretty essential that you’re in possession of important knowledge about roasting degrees. Here we are talking about light roasted, medium roasted and dark roasted. Here the taste, intensity and aroma vary a lot.

Of course, we’re adding to that knowledge right here:

Link to light roasted
Link to medium grating
Link to darkened


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