Many people tend to confuse cold brew and iced coffee and live with the belief that they are the same thing. This is most likely because both iced coffee and cold brew are enjoyed cold – but there is a significant difference between the two cool coffees. Let us make you wiser!

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What is cold brew?

Iced coffee is brewed on a shot of hot espresso, which is then cooled with the help of ice cubes. Cold brew, on the other hand, is brewed with cold water, as the name suggests.

Cold brew is not nearly the same as a cold cup of coffee that has been sitting on the table for a little too long. That kind of coffee is bitter, sour – and not worthy of a fancy name. Since cold brew is brewed on cold water, you avoid the sour and bitter aftertaste to a greater extent.

… and it’s actually not that hard to get into cold brewing.

Cold brew: how to do

You can easily get a cold-brew kit, but our experience tells us that you can easily achieve a similar and extremely tasty result on a simple inkpot. We explain this in more detail here, where we guide you step by step through the cold brewing processes.

Cold brew in just 60 seconds

…yes, you read that right. With the help of a small, simple and pretty amazing coffee brewer, you can have a cup of cold brew ready in a simple 60 seconds.

The stunning coffee brewer is an AeroPress that deserves your attention, if you haven’t already taken a shine to the unassuming brewer.

We’ll teach you how to brew cold with an AeroPress here, with tips to make you an icy cold brewer.

Where does cold brew come from?

The history books say that cold brew originated in Japan. Here you can find descriptions of cold-brewed coffee dating back to the 1600s. The Japanese called the cold coffee Kyoto coffee after the metropolis of Kyoto, where the coffee variety was particularly popular.

However, it is the Dutch we have to thank for bringing cold brew to Europe. Here, Dutch merchants brewed cold coffee on their ships, as the voyage was long and cold coffee would keep better than hot coffee. It was therefore a handy drink to have around. On the boat trip, the Kyoto drink changed its name to “dutch coffee”. The quick coffee connoisseur will think that there is a difference between cold brew and dutch coffee. And there is. But there’s no doubt that the two are inextricably linked – and that cold brew most likely originated with the Japanese globetrotter.

Subsequently, the history of coldbrew becomes a little more difficult to map. It appears in different parts of the world, and comes in equally different versions. However, we are pretty sure that the type of cold brew we know today came into being around the year 2000.

Although cold brew is not widespread here (yet), it is a popular coffee variety in the US and Australia, where you can buy cold brew coffee in supermarkets in two-litre bottles and cardboard boxes. We are just waiting for the cold coffee to arrive in Europe as well!

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