Coffee grinder

A coffee grinder ensures freshly ground coffee, which, if you ask us, is indispensable when brewing a tasty cup of coffee. Freshly ground coffee is just the best!

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Coffee Grinder

Jura Giga kaffekværn

What is a coffee grinder?

A coffee grinder grinds your coffee beans. When this happens, many of the flavours in the beans are released, giving a really good taste in your coffee cup. However, the aromas also slowly dissipate when you grind the beans, so you’d be wise to grind the beans with your coffee grinder just before use. Then you get the best result.

You can get both manual and electric coffee grinders. The manual grinder has a handle you have to turn yourself, while the electric grinder relies on power from the mains.

What is the difference between a coffee grinder and a coffee grinder?

At first glance, you’d think that a coffee grinder and a coffee grinder are the same thing – but there are still a few (rather important) differences that we think also determine which of the two you should choose:

Coffee grinder

  • Coffee grinder can grind your coffee exactly according to the grinding degree you want
  • A coffee grinder is efficient – and inextricably linked to an espresso machine

Coffee Mill

  • A coffee grinder is not as precise a cousin as the grinder. The blades of the grinder go round in a circle, and this can mean that it doesn’t grind all the coffee beans, but whole chunks can appear when you’re about to use the coffee
  • A coffee grinder cannot be set to grind
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