You have landed on the page that tells you about coffee equipment. And here we are at the coffee funnel. You certainly know what it looks like. I guess it looks like many other kinds of funnels. But the coffee suit is used in a special context.

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ØNSK Hario V60 startpakke med Hario tragt, kande og filtre

What is a coffee funnel?

A coffee funnel is an old-fashioned funnel into which you put a coffee filter, pour freshly ground coffee and hot water – and it brews coffee for you. This is also the method called slow brew and pour-over.

You place the coffee pot over a jug or cup and the coffee is brewed directly in it.

How coffee beans should be roasted for coffee funnel

When brewing coffee with a funnel, we recommend that you use a light or medium roast coffee. The dark one is best suited for espresso.

This coffee funnel you should choose

There are many hoppers on the coffee market, and we have a few here at ØNSK. These are, of course, the ones we like to work with the most and which give a tasteful result in the cup. Hario and Kalita are our favourites, each with their own character traits that make them stand out.

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