Coffee capsules are a stroke of genius that makes brewing coffee at home easy. It’s effective and it tastes quite good, the end product that lands in your coffee cup.

What is a coffee capsule?

A coffee capsule is a small container with a flat top that contains ground coffee. You put the capsule in a capsule machine, which then brews coffee for you.

The coffee capsule is an invention of Nespresso, which until recently also held a patent on the capsules. This meant that only Nespresso was allowed to produce the small containers. Today, that patent has expired, which is why you can find capsules on many shelves around the world – including here at ØNSK. Our coffee capsules are organic and biodegradable. And we’ve gone to great lengths with the coffee you’ll find in the capsule.

Organic coffee in capsules from ØNSK

At ØNSK you will find organic coffee in our capsules – and we have four of them. You are therefore sure to find a capsule that fits in your cup. We also have a tasting pack in which you will find all four flavours. We recommend it to you, so you can taste it in the comfort of your own home and find your personal ØNSK favourite.

Guide: Disposal of the capsules

How exactly do you sort the otherwise smart capsules? We’ll give you a hand with the answer here, so you can be sure those little coffee makers end up in the right place. And we also tell you why it’s better and easier for the environment to use biodegradable capsules


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