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Er du nysgerrig på at lære lidt mere om den søde og frugtige kaffe fra Santos Isabel, så har vi her sammen en lidt info og røverhistorier fra vores besøg på Finca San Isidro.

Sweet and delicious coffees from Santos Isabel

Welcome to Finca San Isidro

After a 6-hour drive north from the capital Managua in Nicaragua, you reach the border with Honduras in the mountainous region of Dipilto. If you take a small gravel road shortly before the border, you will be led up by the steep mountain sides and end up in a small community of coffee farms, including Leonel Valladares from which we also buy coffee. If you drive all the way up to the top of the mountain, the region’s largest farm is Finca San Isidro and the Rodriguez family lives on the farm. Santos is the head of the family and the founder of the farm. He has 3 sons who are all engaged in the work on the farm.

Santos’ fields strike all the way up to the top of the mountain. The ride up there is very steep and we had to hold on tight to the bed of the pickup truck as we drove up there. The view is worth the whole trip, as you can see 360 degrees around the green landscape of rainforest and coffee fields. To one side lies the border with Honduras and one can also see the armed border guards keeping a watchful eye on us.

We went for a walk through the fields with Santos he told us that climate change is a big challenge for him. Especially this year, when lack of rain and intense heat ruined large parts of his production. It takes a long time to adapt the fields to the new conditions, for example by planting new varieties that can handle the heat better, and planting more shade trees. In addition, it is not known if it will be the same next year, as the weather is very unpredictable.

Despite this, Santos produces a really high quality coffee, and it is particularly impressive how he produces almost exclusively high quality coffee. His coffees are characterized by high sweetness and fullness, combined with fruity and sour notes.

Find Santos’ coffee here. Below you can see a small video greeting from Santos and some pictures from his coffee farm Finca San Isidro:

The Rodriguez family

Santos has 3 sons who are all involved in the farm. Byron is the eldest son and he is the daily manager of the farm and he also has his own fields where he grows his own coffees. Santos’ other sons are named Milton and Josue who, in addition to helping on the farm, have also started roasting coffee which they sell in their own café in Ocotal. We think this is pretty cool – and a good way for the family to stand for the entire value chain as well as spread the word about Finca San Isidro.

The sons are all engineers, and this is what the farm is all about. When you enter the farm, there is a giant homemade wet mill that Santos, Byron, Josue and Milton have built. The purpose of the wet mill is first and foremost to separate the coffee bean from the berry, as well as to ferment and wash the bean. Usually one buys such a machine produced by a big factory and they can be really expensive if they are to be able to ensure a proper quality in the coffee. Instead, the family decided to build their own wet mill, which could handle the large quantities they produce, as well as sort the coffee by quality.

The machine is almost as big as the house next door, and is on two floors. It is thanks to this that the family can produce coffee of such high quality because the machine ensures that rotten and unripe berries are sorted out and do not contaminate the rest of the coffee. It’s really impressive to see it go, and Byron proudly shows and explains how it works.

Andreas og Santos -ØNSK kaffe - special kaffe - kaffegårde

The taste

Santos’ coffee is really delicious, and it doesn’t taste like a classic coffee from Nicaragua. It has a rich taste full of sweetness like ripe fruit, and is especially reminiscent of juicy honeydew melon. This is complemented by slightly heavier notes of chocolate and caramel.

When the coffee is brewed as a pour over, it can also have slightly acidic citrus notes that give the coffee a little edge and an incredibly good and complex balance.

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