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New series on brewing equipment – where, when and why? 🤔

Welcome to ØNSK’s series on brewing equipment, where we delve into a selection of the most popular equipment that all coffee enthusiasts around the world use to brew their best cups of coffee.

Here we ask the questions: where, when and why?

We do this to get answers to where the brewing equipment is from, when it is from and why it is popular. And if you are subsequently left thirsty with the question: how(?!), we link to a detailed brewing guide at the bottom of the text.

If you are the curious type who can’t wait, you can also find the brewing guide right here. Or buy your new Hario V60 coffee maker right here.

Now no more waiting – Let’s get started!

Hario V60 i hvid porcelæn

Designed to bring out the taste

We begin in reverse order with the question of why. That’s also why you’re here. To get an answer on why one should brew on a Hario V60 rather than one of the many alternatives.

So keep your tongue straight in your mouth, because now it becomes technical!

The Japanese coffee maker is characterized by its spiral grooves inside the funnel and the large outlet hole at the bottom. The spirals ensure that the filter does not stick to the sides of the funnel. That way, there is a constant influx of oxygen during coffee brewing. This ensures that the funnel does not stop and gives the coffee the right conditions to develop the flavors that end up in the cup.

The large outlet hole ensures a stable flow of water throughout the brewing. Extraction time is super important for a good cup of coffee, and the Hario V60 is known for not stopping and consistently delivering a “pure cup of coffee”.

Info: By a clean cup of coffee is meant a coffee without unwanted off-flavors. Even the best coffee can be ruined if it pulls too long in the coffee funnel. It is said to over-extract.

Hario V60 kop skænkes

Rasmus, who is co-owner of ØNSK, prefers to brew his coffee on a V60: “I love to play and nerd with pour-over coffee, and I think the Hario V60 gives me the greatest freedom to vary and tweak my coffee”.

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The spirals, the outlet hole and not least the paper filter help to make the Hario V60 a relatively easy and forgiving equipment to brew on. However, this does not mean that the V60 is not good to experiment with. On the contrary.

Hario has designed the coffee maker to be able to bring out even the most subtle flavors in coffee. And you can play with many different parameters – such as the ratio of water to coffee, the degree of grinding of your coffee beans and much more.

The range of variation on a Hario V60 is actually almost endless. And that’s probably why it’s a popular brewing equipment for competitions like the World Brewers Cup.

Hario V60 set oppefra

The grooved spirals in the funnel and a large outlet hole in the bottom make the Hario V60 a unique coffee maker.

Did you know about the Hario V60?

… That V60 stands for vector 60 and indicates the angle of the funnel at 60 °.

… That the idea for the Hario V60 arose in an attempt to create an easier and less time-consuming alternative to brewing coffee in a fabric filter.

… That the spirals inside the funnel were first added in 2004, when Hario redesigns its V60s.

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The king of glass

A Hario V60 is available in several sizes, colors and eventually also in several different materials. Most famous is probably the original variant in white porcelain.

It most of all looks like a coffee cup with a saucer glued to the bottom. But one should certainly not underestimate the Hario V60, which in step with the pour-over and the increasing popularity of filter coffee has made it something almost iconic among coffee nerds – including ourselves here at ØNSK.

Directly translated from Japanese, hario means “the king of glass”. And it is also as a glass manufacturer that Hario first unfolded its business back in 1921 on the outskirts of Tokyo.

However, not as a manufacturer of coffee decanters as you might think. Hario set out to make flasks and similar equipment for laboratories.

The experience with heat-resistant glass has later proved extremely valuable to the Japanese company, just as their chemical and mathematical ancestry and approach also shines through in their coffee equipment.

Hario V60 - ønsk kaffe

That Hario originally started as a manufacturer of glass, which belongs in the chemistry room, is clearly seen in their coffee equipment. The design also awakens one’s inner chemist when experimenting with coffee dosage and water conditions. Hario Siphon (left) and Hario V60 with jug (right)

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A redesign makes the Hario V60 popular

As you know, the Asians love HC Andersen, and Hario must almost know about the fairy tale ‘The Ugly Duckling’.

Because even though the idea for the Hario V60 was born in the late 1950s, when Hario expanded the business to also include kitchen and coffee equipment, it was not until much later that the coffee maker flourished and became popular. A makeover was needed.

Neither the prototype from the 1960s nor its predecessor from the 80s will be a success. But in 2004, Hario redesigned its V60, adding the grooved spirals and a larger outlet hole.

The new edition wins design awards and wins brewing competitions, and it helps to make it one of the most recognized and popular coffee brewers today. It is very difficult to clog a Hario V60 and therefore very easy to control the water flow and change the taste.

If you are just starting to experiment with specialty coffee and brewing equipment , the Hario V60 is a fun place to start. Experiment with the degree of grinding and try to brew both finely and coarsely ground coffee. In a coarsely ground coffee, the water runs faster through the funnel and you will get a lighter and finer taste, whereas the water runs slower in fine coffee and a stronger and deeper taste will emerge.

There are many different brewing guides for a Hario V60. Here you will find ours.

If you have not yet invested in your very own Hario V60, you will find everything you need in our starter pack below. We have also listed a light roasted and a medium roasted coffee, which we think fits extra well to brew on the V60. Enjoy!

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