God jul & god kaffe! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a steaming cup of specialty coffee? From a kaffe julekalender to coffee gift subscriptions, here’s the ultimate list of gifts to surprise coffee lovers with this Christmas. Let the Christmas countdown begin! 🎅🏼

Days until Christmas:


1. Kaffe julekalender 

For the one who’s ahead of schedule

If you’ve got the superpower of having your Christmas organized before the holiday chaos sets in, then our kaffe julekalender is a great gift option. 

This julekalender includes four 250 gram bags of specialty coffee and showcases some of our favorite microlots of 2021 (including coffees that have never before been featured in our webshop!). We won’t tell you exactly which coffees we’ve picked out yet so that you, or your loved one, can enjoy a surprise on each advent Sunday 🎁

Place your order before November 17th for the kaffe julekalender to arrive on time. Supplies are limited, so order quick!

Buy the ØNSK Kaffe Julekalender - specialty coffee at advent Sunday brunch
ØNSK specialty coffee tasting pack - freshly roasted coffee beans in bags and ready to send

2. Coffee tasting pack 

For the indecisive one 

Making decisions can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing just one type of specialty coffee. A coffee tasting pack makes things through featuring samples from our entire range of coffee beans or capsules

No matter the brewing method, this is the perfect gift for those who want to learn more about the different types and tastes of specialty coffee. Choose between medium or dark roasted coffee, or opt for biodegradable, Nespresso-compatible capsules 🌱

Pssst: want to make this gift extra special? Pick your favorite brewing equipment, like a french press or a Chemex, to taste the different coffees with.

3. Coffee gift subscription

For the last-minute Christmas shopper

Do you find yourself in a last-minute Christmas crunch year after year? Our gift subscription is the perfect way to spoil a coffee-loving friend or relative, no matter how close to Christmas it may be.

The lucky receiver will have freshly roasted coffee delivered to their door for 2, 3, 6 or 12 months. You can choose between coffee beans (medium or dark roasted) or capsules

Too close to Christmas for delivery? No worries- we will send you an electronic gift certificate so that you’ll always have something to put under the tree 🎄

ØNSK coffee subscription unboxing - unpacking a monthly coffee delivery
Buy specialty coffee from ØNSK - Andreas from ØNSK raises his cup of organic coffee from Nicaragua

Andreas Kirk

“We specifically created the coffee gift subscription with the holidays in mind. Through offering flexible delivery dates, times and frequency, we hope that more people can enjoy having freshly roasted coffee delivered to their door. It’s the ultimate gift, if you ask me!”

Aeropress coffee being brewed in nature- Buy ØNSK specialty coffee and brew on the go with an Aeropress

4. Aeropress starter pack

For the one who’s always on the go

We’ve all got that friend who’s always up to something: one minute they’re driving through New Zealand in a VW van and the next they’re mountain climbing in the Alps. Other common characteristics include: a shaggy beard, always wearing at least one item from Patagonia and ending every sentence with “man.”

If you happen to be spending Christmas with your adventure buddy this year, spoil them with an Aeropress starter pack. Including 3 different specialty coffees, filters, and, of course, the Aeropress, this pack has everything necessary for brewing great coffee on the go.

Pssst: if you notice your bearded friend looking looking a bit confused when he opens your gift, you can share this Aeropress brewing guide with them for clarification 😉

5. Eco-friendly coffee tin

…filled to the brim with specialty coffee

Our metal coffee tins are specially designed as a sustainable solution to keep your coffee fresh for longer. 

Each tin holds up to 500g of coffee and features an aroma lid to preserve not only the taste, but also the delicious smell of freshly roasted coffee ☕️

A coffee tin both a handy and sustainable gift to put under the tree. For those in living in Copenhagen: you can even take the tins by our office or LØS market to get a refill of your favorite beans without extra packaging. 

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