What is a coffee subscription and why should you get one? We’ve outlined the top 5 reasons why a coffee subscription is the best way to enjoy specialty coffee at home.

1. Expand your knowledge of specialty coffee 

If you want to learn more about specialty coffee but are not sure where to begin, subscribing for our coffee of the month is a great place to start. Each month, we select a new type of coffee exclusively for our members and send it out along with an explanation of how the coffee has been grown, processed and roasted. You’ll learn a bit more about why coffee tastes the way it does and you’ll get to taste bold and unique specialty coffees which we don’t usually sell in our webshop. 

Subscribing for the coffee of the month is also a great way to learn more about where our coffee comes from. Many of the farmers that we work with are busy developing sustainable farming methods, for example through using shade trees or experimenting with different processing methods. The coffee of the month is a chance for us to give some more insights into these (and other) sustainable developments which are taking place at the farms.

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2. Freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door

When you sign up for a coffee subscription, you’ll receive your monthly coffee delivery just days after it has been roasted so that you can enjoy your coffee when it’s at its best. The roasting date is an important (but often overlooked) aspect of getting the best taste out of coffee. This has to do with a process called oxidation, which begins after the beans have been roasted and turns coffee stale over time. A coffee subscription ensures that you’ll be receiving freshly roasted beans every month, so that you can enjoy your coffee when the taste and aroma are at their peak. 

Side note: speaking of roasting dates, we’ve noticed that some coffee drinkers ‘save’ their favorite coffees for special occasions. Trust us when we say that this is not the way to go with coffee, since oxidation will reduce both the flavor and aroma of even the highest quality beans over time. When you get fresh coffee delivered to your door, enjoy it while it’s fresh and don’t worry about running out (we’ve got plenty of beans left in our webshop for you).

3. Stay fueled up with a coffee membership 

We’ve all experienced the classic Monday morning catastrophe of waking up with a two-day hangover and an intense need for caffeine, only to find out that you’ve run out of coffee. With a coffee subscription, you can make sure that you’ve got enough beans in-house to last you through an extended Sunday brunch and those early weekday mornings. We deliver your coffee straight to your doorstep, so all you have to do is brew, enjoy, and repeat.

Sign up for a monthly coffee subscription

4. Curate your monthly coffee delivery

Do you like your coffee medium roasted or dark roasted? In beans or in capsules? No matter your preference, you can customize your coffee subscription so that your monthly coffee delivery includes exactly what you want, when you want it. Are you burning through your beans quicker than anticipated? We also offer coffee memberships where we deliver twice a month. Or, if you notice that you’ve got beans left at the end of each month, worry not: you can always adjust the amount of coffee delivered to your door. Check out the screenshot below for an example of how you can curate your coffee membership exactly how you like it (or head straight to our subscriptions page to get started).

Sign up for ØNSK coffee subscription

5. Be the first to hear about specialty coffee deals

We’re grateful for our subscribers, and we want them to know that. That’s why our subscribers are always the first to know about exclusive coffee deals, new product launches and subscriber discounts. In fact, if you sign up for a coffee membership today, we’ll send a free ØNSK coffee tin along with your first order as a welcome gift from us to you. Ready to jump on the bandwagon and get started with a coffee subscription? Just head over to our coffee subscriptions page, select which type of coffee membership you’d like, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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